Video Surfaces of LDS Volunteers Being Detained in Russia

Video Surfaces of LDS Volunteers Being Detained in Russia

A video from Ruptly, a news agency funded by the Russian government, has surfaced showing the detainment of two volunteers of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints serving in Novorossiysk, Russia. According to the reports, David Gaaga and Kole Brodowski were reportedly teaching English without a license.

In 2016, Russia passed new legislation, placing tighter restrictions on proselyting and evangelism.

The video shows a shocked and confused group of people, including Gaaga and Brodowski, sitting inside a large room as authorities check what looks to be forms of paperwork. A majority of the video includes unknown persons, whether it’s the camera crew or authorities, going through the two volunteer’s things, including their scriptures, area book, apartment, and suitcases.

Gaaga and Brodowski spent 19 days in detainment and were treated well throughout, being able to call their families and provided with food and sleeping facilities. Both returned home earlier this week to the United States. Brodowski, who was near the end of his volunteer term of two years will remain home while Gaaga will be evaluated and return to his missionary service in another location.

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