Watch Native Performers from Polynesia Sing “I Am a Child of God”

Watch Native Performers from Polynesia Sing “I Am a Child of God”

At the Polynesian Cultural Center, hundreds of Brigham Young University-Hawaii students serve and share their culture with the millions of visitors. One of the most special tasks is to perform in Ha: Breath of Life, the night show that features dance and music from all of the islands of Polynesia interwoven with a powerful story of love, loss, and growing up.

Before each performance, the cast and crew gather together for a small spiritual thought. When our team got to visit backstage, we loved the spirit of aloha and the spirit of the gospel we felt! Here is just some of the cast and crew of Ha: Breath of Life singing “I am a Child of God.”


The Polynesian Cultural Center is dedicated to preserving the heritage of the islands, serving the local community, and providing world-class entertainment. Because of this mission, they are excited to spread the word and they’re running a special contest right now. They are giving away a family vacation for 4 to have the entire Polynesian Cultural Center experience. Click here to learn more.




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