Watch These LDS Triplets Open Their Mission Calls Together

Watch These LDS Triplets Open Their Mission Calls Together

Triplets Ewan, Cameron and Jared of Scotland have been preparing for their missions since their Primary days. Having seen their parents and older brother Frazer serve their missions in England the boys have looked forward to the day they would be old enough to put in their papers.

That day came last month and their calls arrived in April. Without giving too much away, the house is a bit like the United Nations as languages are practiced in preparation (it’s not England then). Their destinations are revealed in the video if you can understand the Scottish accent.



Ewan leaves for his mission on the 4th July, Jared on the 12th and Cameron on the 25th. The boys are proud to serve and to be an example to their younger brother, Arran, (16) as he continues to make his own preparations.

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