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Why Did the Church Limit Their Scripture Cover Colors?

Why Did the Church Limit Their Scripture Cover Colors?

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In 2013, a new edition of the standard works (Bible, Book of Mormon, Doctrine & Covenants, and Pearl of Great Price) was released by the Church.

The new editions featured:

  • Improved font and typeface for clearer reading
  • Corrections in the study aids
  • Formatting standardization
  • Small spelling and grammar changes

For many, one unwelcome change was the reduction in colors the scriptures are available in. In the past, quadruple combinations and other forms of the scriptures came blue and green. When the new edition was released, the scriptures were made available in black, burgundy, and brown.

Why did the Church do this?

According to, the change was made “in an effort to simplify and standardize products in an increasingly global church environment.”

With a growing, worldwide church, this change makes a lot of sense. If you are missing the opportunity to personalize your scriptures to your personality, you still have plenty of options available. This company lets you personalize your scriptures with symbols and text. Personalize the front, back, and even the spine.


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