A Savior Is Born: Church Launches New Christmas Campaign

After multiple successful holiday initiatives, such as Because He Lives from Easter and He is the Gift last Christmas, the Church has doubled their efforts in creating a powerful campaign to help the world understand why we need a Savior.


A Savior is Born is not just a series of videos and memes. It is a living example of members across the globe, who take what the Church produces and turn it into shining testimonies that are hard to ignore. Indeed, the media produced this year are designed to help members share what stands out to them. The initiative includes two powerful videos, memes and quotes to share throughout the Christmas season, and what is called the “12 Days of Social” where multiple LDS figures, such as Lindsey Stirling, Ellie and Jared, Jenny Oaks Baker, and more have been invited to share videos about what it means to them that a Savior is born. These videos will be released during December. You can find the full calendar of events on christmas.mormon.org.

As in the past, the Church has also purchased the YouTube “masthead” in certain South American countries, where the campaign will be featured on the front page of YouTube in those locations. Billboards and signs can also be found in New York City, on taxis and in Times Square.

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Explore all of the features at the Church’s official website!

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