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6 Great LDS Gifts for Adult Baptisms

6 Great LDS Gifts for Adult Baptisms

Recently, we shared a list of great gifts to give someone when they are baptized. A lot of people noted that these gifts were geared more towards children. So we got our team together and picked some of our favorite baptism gifts for adult converts!

Scriptures & Aides

While children can truly enjoy the scriptures and begin building life-long habits, adult converts can immediately begin feasting on the word of God like none other. Since scriptures can be so expensive, get your friend or family member a set of scriptures with a few accessories. We suggest a genuine leather quad (it will last much longer) and some high-quality scripture markers. A study journal, like this one, can also be useful.

Adult Bookmark

This bookmark is perfect if you don’t have a lot of money to spend, but still want to give your loved one a lasting reminder of their baptism. This bookmark was designed specifically with adults in mind and features both the things we covenant at baptism to do and the promised blessings of God. There is also a great scripture from 2 Nephi as added inspiration.

Temple Recommend Holder

Adult converts can begin doing baptisms in the temple as soon as they are baptized and many have a desire to move forward to temple covenants as soon as they are able. Help them focus on this wonderful goal by providing them with their first temple recommend holder. There are multiple designs available here. We especially like these modern temple recommend holders.

Temple Book

Many new converts can feel overwhelmed by the temple, especially if they haven’t grown up with an understanding of what a temple is and what goes on inside. A book about the temple can help your loved one feel more confident and excited about their next steps in the gospel. We suggest these:

Date Momento


Your loved one will likely never forget the day they were baptized, but these moments can be a cherished and constant help anyways. Both this ring and this necklace can be customized with the date of their baptism and any other engraving you’d like to add.

Painting of Christ

Nothing is more important for any convert than remembering Jesus Christ, no matter their age. One of the easiest ways to invite the Savior into your home is to keep a piece of art in your home that reflects Christ and his love. You can find an entire collection here. Whether it is large or small, framed or unframed, an image of Christ is a meaningful and lasting gift at such a special time.

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